Queen Elizabeth I Tudor age portrait by Isaac Oliver

Isaac Oliver (1558 - 1617) was a pupil of the famous English miniature painter Nicholas Hilliard. However, he did not always inherit the ideas of his teacher in his works. Oliver was characterized by attention to detail, features of a person's face. There is an unfinished image of the Queen: the artist outlined only the contours of clothing, facial features and tinted the background with cobalt color. Elizabeth I Tudor did not like this plausible reproduction. She was used to the eternal "Mask of Youth" that Nicholas used. She could not come to terms with the older woman's face, which she saw after posing for Oliver. It is known that Elizabeth ordered the destruction of all the images, clearly showing not in the best way. This unfinished portrait is one of the few surviving images of her in old age.
Portrait miniature of Elizabeth I, Watercolour on vellum stuck to a playing card, painted by Isaac Oliver, 1590-92.
Height: 82 mm, Width: 52 mm.
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