The old lighting leaves London

The city authorities intend to abandon the gas lamps — the legacy of Victorian England.
The first gas lamps were installed on January 28, 1807, at Pall Mall in London.
This fantastic event was preceded by more than ten years of experiments with gas lighting conducted by the Scottish engineer William Murdoch. Murdoch's activities impressed Samuel Clegg, the chief engineer of the «Gas light and Coke company» which took part in the installation and connection of the first gas lamps at Pall Mall.
"A Peep at the Gas-lights in Pall Mall", a humorous caricature of reactions to the installation of the new invention of gas-burning street lighting on Pall-Mall, London. Engraved by Rowlandson, 1809 (after a drawing by Woodward).
During the 19th century in London, especially in its central part, many gas lamps appeared, which decorated the city during the day and gave it a charming, warm light at night.
Victorian gas lanterns can still be found in London today, but unfortunately, this city's heritage has become "a heavy burden" on city services, who refuse to maintain them due to the high cost of maintenance and plan to replace them with LED replicas.
Gas lighting in the Honorable Society of Lincoln's Inn, London
The authorities' decision caused a wave of indignation among the inhabitants of the city and connoisseurs of the Victorian heritage. In this regard, the authorities decided to postpone the work for a year, saying that the city council will negotiate with residents and initiative groups to ensure that the new electric lighting will not violate the historical appearance of the city.

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